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For decades, FORTA® Concrete Fiber has manufactured the highest quality synthetic fibers for strengthening and extending the life of concrete. Our people, products, and solutions for the concrete industry add outstanding long-term durability and increased value.



Fibers for Tomorrow

Fiber reinforcement holds great promise for increasing the speed and simplicity of construction.

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Reinforcement for Slab-On-Ground

Learn about the reinforcement options for slab-on-ground applications, and what these options will and will not do.

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Born of a Need

Structural fibers for concrete reinforcement have gained momentum in the construction industry as a real alternative method for crack-control within concrete projects.

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Researching Warehouse Floors

Read about a field test of a concrete warehouse floor whose goal was to find a better way to reduce long-term curling and shrinkage.
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Warehouse Floor Field Test (Part 1)

A field test of a concrete warehouse floor using fiber reinforcement was monitored over two years.

UL Certificate 2017

UL Certification – Fiber Reinforcement and Concrete Additives

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Product Certification

FORTA® Corporation Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement Material Certification

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UL Certification – Canada

UL Certification for Canada – Fiber Reinforcement and Concrete Additives

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UL Certification ( Fire-Resistance Ratings – I532) – Canada

UL Certification for Canada – BXUVC.I532 – Fire-resistance Ratings

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UL Certification (Fire-Resistance Ratings – I525) – Canada

UL Certification for Canada – BXUVC.I525 – Fire-resistance Ratings

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ICC-ES Evaluation Report

Evaluation Report for Micro Fibers

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Concrete Construction – Dec. 2017 – The Contractor’s Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR) Dilemma

There needs to be an alternative to removal and replacement for WWR.

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Other Documents

Technical Services

Learn more about the technical services that FORTA® provides and how to take advantage of them.

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