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Fiber Products

FORTA-FERRO® - Slab-On-Ground

FORTA-FERRO® macro synthetic fiber was used to reinforce a slab-on-ground application for a newly constructed warehouse in South Korea. In total, 10,450 sq. m. of concrete utilized the crack control and added durability benefits of FORTA-FERRO® reinforcement.

FORTA-FERRO® - Precast

FORTA-FERRO® was used to reinforce several precast concrete walls for a horse stable construction in the Netherlands.

FORTA-FERRO® - Topping Slab, Pavement, Slab-On-Ground

The use of fiber vs. traditional steel reinforcement saved the project on materials and labor costs. The fiber also increased the load capacity of the slab and increased the fatigue performance.

FORTA-FERRO® - Other, Slab-On-Ground

FORTA-FERRO® was used to reinforce the slab-on-ground for the Chatswood Interchange. FORTA-FERRO® macro synthetic fiber replaced the original reinforcement specification of wire mesh.

FORTA-FERRO® - Pavement, Parking Lot

Two gasoline stations, North & South Side, needed to be rebuilt. Part of the old pavement was a Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavement (JRCP) and part of it was a hot mix asphalt (HMA) system.

FORTA-FERRO® - Slab-On-Ground

Freeport Center asked the ready-mix supplier to provide a concrete slab that would optimize cost and performance. The ready mixer’s solution was to provide a low shrinkage concrete mix reinforced with 4.0 lbs. / cu. yd. of FORTA-FERRO®.

FORTA-FERRO® - Shotcrete, Other

Part of the Fort Randall Dam and Spillway was damaged during heavy flooding. Hydrodemolition was completed and project specifiers recommended a shotcrete repair mixture with minimal shrinkage because the concrete panels were highly restrained by the spillway wall and gate structures.

FORTA-FERRO® - Slab-On-Ground

This 1,000,000+ square foot facility includes an assembly plant, paint shop, and energy center dedicated to the manufacture of utility van models for a large company based in Germany.

FORTA-FERRO® - Slab-On-Ground

An industrial conveyor belt manufacturer for food processing and other warehouse applications utilized FORTA-FERRO® in slab-on-ground applications.

FORTA-FERRO® - Slab-On-Ground

A high volume of macro synthetic fiber, FORTA-FERRO®, was used to eliminate joints in the 100’ x 90’ slabs; a special epoxy surface coating necessary for the manufacturing process was applied to the fiber-reinforced floor surface.

FORTA-FERRO® - Slab-On-Ground

Dixon Valve preferred FORTA-FERRO® because the fiber was easy to incorporate, saved time, and reduced costs for placement.

FORTA-FERRO® - Composite Steel Floor Deck-Slab

FORTA-FERRO® was used to replace specified steel for a multistory shopping plaza in Lehi, Utah. This 101,000 sq. ft. project featured four stories of composite metal deck applications using FORTA-FERRO®.

FORTA-FERRO® - Slab-On-Ground

FORTA-FERRO® was used to reinforce a slab-on-ground application for a manufacturing company in Germany.

FORTA-FERRO® - Composite Steel Floor Deck-Slab, Slab-On-Ground

A newly constructed high school in Dover, NH required a durable reinforcement method that would replace traditional steel for the project’s slab-on-ground applications.

FORTA-FERRO® - Composite Steel Floor Deck-Slab, Slab-On-Ground

The newly constructed Ayersville School utilized FORTA-FERRO® to reinforce slab-on-ground and composite-metal-deck applications totaling 4,000 lbs. of concrete.
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