The Big Shot®


The Big Shot® fiber transport system was designed to quickly and safely move synthetic fiber reinforcement from ground-level storage to upper-level concrete batching systems and concrete mixer trucks. The Big Shot provides a simple and inexpensive way to add pre-weighed bags or even loose fiber to almost any concrete mixing system. With no moving parts and minimal, if any maintenance, this system requires only PVC pipe, a few hangers, and a supply of compressed air.

The Big Shot system has been installed and used in scores of applications and represents the most efficient fiber-addition method known to minimize additional time and maximize safety.

The Challenge

For many years, fibers have been packaged in pre-weighed, mixer-ready bags to minimize the hassle of adding the correct amount of fibers to the concrete mixing system. Volumetric dispensers have been developed, however, they are typically not effective for the wide range of synthetic fiber types, shapes, and lengths available on the market, and the equipment and maintenance costs far outweigh the return on investment.


After years in the concrete-producing business, Joe Docheff and Bob Howard designed and developed The Big Shot fiber transport system to quickly and safely move fiber from ground level storage to upper-level trucks and batching systems. This patented system, manufactured and distributed under license by FORTA Corporation, provides a simple and relatively inexpensive way to add pre-weighed bags or even loose fiber to almost any concrete mixing system – all in less than 3 seconds!

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What makes the Big Shot® system special?

The Big Shot is simple to install and operate, has no moving parts, and requires little if any maintenance.

Does the Big Shot require special installation or equipment to operate?

The Schedule-40 PVC piping systems are easily mounted and configured for almost any batching system configurations. The Big Shot system requires only an air line and pressure to operate that is commonly found in most plants.

Does the Big Shot dispenser system weigh fibers?

No. The Big Shot is a fiber-transfer system to move fibers from ground level to the concrete batching equipment. The Big Shot shoots exact, pre-weighed fiber bags quickly and easily. True weighing or loss-in-weight systems have proven to be inconsistent and cumbersome in wet, dusty concrete-batching environments.

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