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1711, 2014

Ohio University Housing ~ Slab on Deck / Slab on Grade

To meet the demand of housing at Ohio University, the University in May of 2013 started construction of 4 new suite style residence halls consisting of 900 beds. FORTA-FERRO® synthetic macro fibers were chosen as the secondary reinforcement for both the slab-on-grade and slab-on-decks. Another 4 residence halls are planned for next spring and completion of the project in August of 2015. FORTA-FERRO® has proven time and again to be the synthetic macro fiber of choice by leading contractors who want [...]

1609, 2014

Pumping Tips for High-Volume Concrete Synthetic Fibers

Download Technical Report   General Pointers: For both low-volume and high-volume fiber projects, there are general pointers that will assist ready-mix producers and pumping contractors in minimizing project-site delays and problems.  Concrete that includes synthetic fiber reinforcement has historically been very pumpable, however following the simple precautions noted below will help insure a successful project and a trouble-free jobsite.   Mixing: Avoid adding fibers as a first ingredient to central-batch mixing systems or ready-mix trucks.  [...]

408, 2014

Concrete Technical Services

  FORTA TECHNICAL SERVICES ARE FREE! n Do you have technical concrete questions? Many struggle with deciding on what fiber to use for their projects. Many wonder if they should use a microsynthetic fiber or a macrosynthetic fiber.  FORTA® can assist you with your technical questions about concrete with the Free Technical Services we offer.     FORTA® Technical Services offers a convenient way to answer questions about concrete dosage for your projects. Dosage questions [...]

1807, 2014

Concrete Parking / Concrete Pool – GaReat Sports Complex

  FORTA-FERRO® macro synthetic fibers were used for concrete reinforcement at the largest training facility in the United States at the GaREAT Sports Complex in Geneva-On-The-Lake, Ohio.  The Spire™ Institute-Phase IV project utilized the FORTA-FERRO® in two exterior concrete parking lot areas, as well as in the 10 lane, 50 meter Olympic size concrete pool and an additional 25 meter pool.  Both pools combined for approximately 1000 yards of FORTA-FERRO® reinforced concrete at 4.0 Lbs [...]

2006, 2014

Extended Joint-Space Paving

Aldi, a large international grocery store chain based in Germany, maintains over 9,000 retail outlets worldwide, with over 1,100 units in the United States. This large collection of facilities requires continual repair and maintenance of a wide variety of concrete floors and pavements, and demands the constant attention of an in-house team dedicated to finding new and better ways to add long-term durability to their facilities. An Aldi construction goal is to achieve 25-year concrete, and project specifications typically [...]

1306, 2014

FORTA is Hiring – Sales Engineer – North of Pittsburgh

FORTA® is hiring a Sales Engineer who shares our beliefs about quality customer service and engineering to join our sales department.  The position is based at the corporate headquarters in Grove City,PA.  The position will require 50% travel through out the United States. The primary responsibilities will be to develop and design reinforcement recommendations for precast concrete products and slab-on-grade projects utilizing a unique synthetic fibrous reinforcement.  Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to, [...]

606, 2014

Macro Synthetic Fibers in Concrete Placement

FORTA-FERRO® macro synthetic fibers were chosen as a temperature shrinkage reinforcement for concrete over traditional wire mesh for a new apartment complex in downtown Morgantown, WV. FORTA-FERRO® 2 1/4" macron synthetic fiber was used at a dosage of 4.0 lbs per cubic yard.  The project consists of over 1900 yards of concrete on 6 metal decks. The project manager reported no mixing or finishing issues with the FORTA-FERRO® fibers and was please with the results.  He also [...]

3005, 2014

Fiber 101-Selecting the Right Synthetic Fiber

  Fibers have been used for centuries to increase the toughness and durability of various building materials. One of the earliest uses of fiber dates back to ancient Egypt, when straw "fibers" were added to clay and mud building blocks and bricks.  This primitive design added a certain amount of cohesiveness and toughness that Egyptians found to be valuable. Thousands of years later FORTA® Corporation was founded to introduce a fiber product that offered tremendous [...]