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How can FORTA® work for owners?

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Long-term Cost Savings

Using FORTA-FERRO® in concrete mixes offers many benefits that contribute to short-term and long-term cost savings for each and every project. FORTA-FERRO® extra heavy-duty fiber offers maximum long-term durability, structural enhancements, and effective secondary/temperature crack control by incorporating a truly unique fiber system of long length design. If that wasn’t enough, FORTA-FERRO® is also non-corrosive, non-magnetic, and 100% alkali proof.

Using FORTA-FERRO® for your next concrete project reduces the cost of labor by creating a quicker placement method. By eliminating the placement of time consuming traditional wire mesh and rebar,  FORTA-FERRO® can save you time and money. FORTA-FERRO® is also durable and long-lasting, too, which positively impacts the long-term cost savings of each project. Traditional wire mesh and rebar corrode and succumb to the natural elements forcing owners to patch, resurface or replace the original project, costing more time and more money.

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FORTA-FERRO® - Slab-On-Ground
Fiber Length: 2.25" | Dosage: 7.5lbs./cu. yd.

A residential driveway was reinforced with FORTA-FERRO® in order to reduce cracking and create an extremely durable surface for years to come.

FORTA-FERRO® - Pavement
Fiber Length: 2.25" | Dosage: 4.0lbs./cu. yd.

FORTA-FERRO® was used to reinforce a concrete pavement slab used for heavy industrial equipment in Zelinople, PA.

FERRO-GREEN® - Parking Lot, Pervious
Fiber Length: 2.25" | Dosage: 5.0lbs./cu. yd.

The project involved over 100,000 sq. ft. of parking spaces and driving lanes placed over 10 inches of water-retention and recharge bed material.
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Save Time & Money - Improve Safety

Steel fibers typically require special conveyors or extra man-hours to add them due to the high dosage per cubic yard. Steel mats or rebar are very labor intensive to place on chairs and supports and to tie properly. The 3-dimensional FORTA-FERRO® fibers can be placed with a laser guided screed and can eliminate the need for a concrete pump in these situations. FORTA-FERRO® benefits by reducing labor hours and placement time, providing significant job savings.

In most situations, FORTA-FERRO® can safely and reliably replace all non-structural steel in slab-on-grade concrete. The use of traditional wire mesh or steel rebar in slab-on-ground applications can come with a list of safety issues. Wire mesh can be difficult to lay down and raise a tripping hazard among concrete workers on job sites. Without using these traditional methods, FORTA-FERRO® allows for significant safety improvements while also a decreasing labor and total project costs.

  • Labor Cost
  • Speed of Construction
  • Safety


Wire Mesh


  • & Less Cracking!

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Preferred Contractors

FORTA Corporation’s Preferred Contractors give owners a comfort level that their macro fiber project will be placed and finished properly, making for a visually appealing and impressive final product. FORTA Corporation is proud of their affiliation with these established firms, who are acknowledged as leaders in their field and rank amongst the best concrete contractors in the business.
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Reduced Joints

155′ x 10′ x 5″ Driveway
No Joints & No Cracks!
Looking great after 5 years!

How can FORTA® work for you?

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