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FORTA Gives Back – Donates to Concrete Canoe Competitions

It’s that time of year again! The concrete canoe season has begun and engineering students across the country are readying their competition canoe designs for the upcoming 2017 regional student competitions. Eighteen American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Conferences are held every spring around the country, each including a business meeting, professional/technical presentations, competitions [...]

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FRC Pavements Technical Report

Report done by: Dan Biddle Introduction At a time when the U.S. infrastructure continues to deteriorate, and construction and maintenance budgets remain underfunded, it becomes even more imperative that highways and pavements achieve longer life and increased durability. While the basic design and available construction materials for Portland cement concrete pavements have remained essentially the [...]

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Inside Sales/Customer Service Opening

Forta Corporation is looking for a talented, detail oriented, competitive Inside Sales Representative that thrives in a quick sales cycle environment.  The successful candidate will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer service and revenue growth objectives. You must be comfortable making dozens of calls per day, working with sales partners, generating interest, [...]

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2016 Concrete Canoe Competition

The 22nd Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition was held on May 13-15, 2016, at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. The competition is a three-day event that hosts teams from all different academic backgrounds. This competition is unique because students are given the chance to design, build, and actually compete in the canoe they create. This [...]

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Project Stealth WIns 2015 Innovative Fiber Project of the Year Award

The Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association’s (FRCA) yearly Innovative Fiber Project of the Year (IFPY) award acknowledges and highlights innovative and unique projects that expose and advance the use of fiber-reinforced concrete throughout the U.S. market. This award takes all types of applications into consideration, such as shotcrete, precast, decorative, pervious or slab-on-ground.   The Stealth [...]

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The Safe Way Is the Only Way

The Safe Way Is the Fiber Way: An area of concern for contractors when working on composite steel floor decks is the safety of their workers. Many contractors tell stories of their workers catching their boots on the wire mesh fabric, falling and injuring themselves.  This can lead to costly workers compensation claims for the [...]

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No Breaking Your Mother’s Back On This Sidewalk!

THE BACKGROUND: FORTA Corporation, founded in 1978, spent the first 15 years in business focused on using low dosages (1.0 to 3.0 lbs./cu yd) of synthetic fibers to control concrete cracking caused by the effects of plastic shrinkage.  Yet during that time, the goal was always to refine the fiber characteristics that would allow for [...]

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Fiber Myths: BUSTED! – Part 2

Myth: Sand- or shot-blasting fiber concrete will reveal more fiber and therefore impede surface bonding agents.     ...PART 2   Answer: The synthetic fibers are strong and tough, but certainly not tough enough to withstand the abrasive forces of sand-blasting or grinding, and would be quickly removed from the concrete skin, possibly leaving extremely small [...]

Fiber Myths: BUSTED! – Part 2 2017-03-29T21:15:11+00:00

Fiber Myths: BUSTED!

  Myth:   Fibers in concrete could have a negative effect on bonded toppings.   Answer: While there have been cases of some synthetic fibers not finishing well and protruding from the concrete surfaces, it would take an extremely high fiber content to impede the bond of current market-available bonding agents.  In the case of [...]

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FORTA’s 4-C’s of Fiber Formula (say that 10 times fast)

 The 4 C's of fibers – Configuration, Chemistry, Contents, and Correct length  Configuration The most important criterion is the fiber configuration. Common sense would suggest that something deformed or irregular in shape will anchor much better than something straight and smooth. A thin, smooth finishing nail doesn't hold like a heavy lag bolt. For the [...]

FORTA’s 4-C’s of Fiber Formula (say that 10 times fast) 2017-03-29T21:15:23+00:00