Concrete in Tunneling and Mining

Stanford LCLS Tunnel - Stanford University, Menlo Park, CA

FORTA non-corrosive fibers have been used in a wide variety of air-placed concrete projects as a valuable performance-rated reinforcement that is extremely easy to add, mix, and shoot. In both above-ground artificial rock and waterscapes, and underground tunnel linings, the noncorrosive characteristic of FORTA-FERRO is extremely attractive. FORTA-FERRO has also been used successfully in thousands of cubic yards of wet-mix shotcrete that were produced from pre-blended dry-bagged materials, primarily in underground tunnel projects.

High dosages of polypropylene fibers have actually been utilized in shotcrete projects for many years, including the tunnel wall at the Oldman River Dam in southern Alberta, Canada. In this case, 10.1 lbs. of the FORTA polypropylene fiber served as a user-friendly and performance-surpassing alternative to the 118 lbs. of steel fiber per cubic yard that had been used to start the project. The synthetic fibers also eliminated any risk of injury from rebounding fibers, and were easy to add, mix, and shoot, without build-up in the mixer trucks or shotcrete lines.

Underground tunnel projects have become the largest volume users of the FORTA-FERRO structural fiber in shotcrete applications for municipalities, wineries, railroads, and utility companies. FORTA-FERRO's non-absorptive and non-corrosive characteristics are very valuable in these underground project conditions both here in the United States and abroad.

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