Slab on Grade

Though used at high dosage, FORTA-FERRO® provided an unblemished skating surface on this large joint-free topping slab.

Benefits of Using Synthetic Fiber in Flatwork Concrete

  • Synthetic fibers reduce plastic shrinkage cracking.
  • Synthetic fibers increase impact resistance.
  • Synthetic fibers provide three-dimensional reinforcement.
  • Synthetic fibers reduce segregation and change bleeding dynamics.
  • Synthetic fibers increase abrasion resistance.
  • Synthetic fibers arrive at the job site already in place.
  • Synthetic fibers do not present any safety issues during placement.
  • Synthetic fibers do not corrode
  • Possible joint expansion.

History of Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement in Slab on Grade Concrete

FORTA Corporation introduced synthetic fiber reinforcement to the U.S. concrete market in 1978. The first of its kind in the industry, FORTA offered a variety of fiber characteristics - shape, length, chemistry, and dosage - to perform at varying levels of crack control in many concrete applications. Generally, short monofilament (angel-hair) fibers have been used at a dosage of 1.0 lb. per cubic yard to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking prior to the concrete's initial set. Heavier fibrillated (net-shaped) fibers have been used at a higher dosage of 1.5 lbs./cubic yard to reduce plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage cracking and add durability as a viable alternative to conventional temperature steel such as wire mesh. These fiber types have enjoyed scores of successful flatwork project applications for over 30 years.

Next-Generation Fiber Today

FORTA has continued to strive for a higher level of performance by maximizing each of the critical fiber characteristics that contribute to that performance. After years of research and development, FORTA introduced this next-generation fiber - FORTA-FERRO® - that is capable of a much higher replacement level of steel reinforcement.

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