Septic Tanks

Steel-Free Septic Tanks

Three-dimensional synthetic fiber reinforcement for concrete provides an alternative handling/temperature reinforcement to labor-intensive wire mesh in precast applications. Our second-generation synthetic fiber, FORTA-FERRO, offers improved benefits that affect the actual structural properties of the concrete itself. This fiber truly lives up to its name, which means "Strong As Steel."

FORTA-FERRO has played an important role in the recent changes and development of testing and performance of precast septic tanks, allowing the tank-producing industry to realize a valuable goal in producing durable and cost-effective steel-free products.

In fact, FORTA-FERRO is approved by most states and sanitation districts for use in septic tanks. Please call your FORTA representative for information related to local guidelines in your service area, or for engineering services available.

Proud Member of NPCA – National Precast Concrete Association

Proud Member of National Precast Concrete Associations - NPCA