Manhole and Catch Basins

Manhole and Catch Basins

Structural synthetic fibers have gained alternate reinforcement approval in several areas of the United States, using the vacuum test process as a method to show compliance with ASTM and NPCA standards. Specifically, FORTA-FERRO has been proven to be an acceptable fiber reinforcement alternative to the normal rebar and/or wire mesh reinforcement.

As a starting point, in July of 2002, FORTA-FERRO was tested in Opelika, Alabama, at a dosage rate of 4.0 lbs per cubic yard of concrete. Alabama Precast and Pipe Supply LLC produced the standard manhole used for testing. The FORTA-FERRO-reinforced concrete reported a minimum strength of 4,000 psi at 28 days. ASTM C-1244 "Standard Test Method for Concrete Sewer Manholes by Negative Air Pressure" was used to determine performance levels of the fiber-reinforced manhole. With no visible cracks during or upon completion of the test, the FORTA-FERRO-reinforced manhole held 10 inches of mercury for two minutes with no loss of vacuum, thereby exceeding any local and national code performance levels.

Since that time, numerous additional tests have been conducted around the country with similar results.

FORTA-FERRO is approved by many states for use in manhole-related products. Please call your FORTA representative for information related to state guidelines in your service area, or for engineering services available.

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