Concrete Wall Panels

Concrete Wall Panels Concrete Wall Panels

A producer of architectural wall panels approached FORTA Corporation several years ago to investigate fiber-reinforced options. The producer was unhappy with the performance and cost of the prescribed method of steel reinforcement for concrete wall panels and was looking for a better alternative.

Based on additional discussions with wall producers around the country, it became obvious that a performance-based test method would be necessary to fulfill the varying needs in the market. The biggest hurdle to overcome would be finding a method to determine the capacity of the wall to withstand extremely high winds. For example, in hurricane-prone regions of the country, building codes require structures to withstand wind loads of up to 150 mph.

In partnership with Delta Engineers and C&M Precast of Kerrville, TX, FORTA Corporation developed and conducted a performance test to illustrate a fiber reinforced concrete wall panel's ability to withstand these loads caused by high winds. Since that time, many producers of similar panels have conducted their own investigations with FORTA-FERRO to achieve the same cost-saving and performance-enhancing benefits.

Please call your FORTA representative for information on how you can test FORTA-FERRO in your own products, or for engineering services available.

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  • Concrete Wall Panels
  • Concrete Wall Panels
  • Concrete Wall Panels