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How can FORTA® work for you?

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FORTA’s macro synthetic fiber reinforcement aims to reduce project costs by shortening the construction time while also extending the life of your concrete application.

  • Improved Quality

  • Reduction in Construction Time

  • Long Term Cost Savings

  • Reduced Joints

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It’s one thing to say that our fibers can reinforce your concrete project and its another to actually prove it. FORTA takes pride in its research, development and testing that yield unmatched and proven results time and time again.

  • Tested & Proven

  • Conversion Dosage & Design Services Available

  • Complete Fact Datas, SDS Sheets & Specifications

  • Visual Results Speak for Themselves

  • 3D Reinforcement

DISCOVER WHY FORTA® has been proven to work!

Great Results

A picture says a thousand words and we think our project pictures say even more than that. Its not enough to be just strong and durable, but also great looking. FORTA takes pride in its fibers’ exceptional strength, durability and surface finish, that performs second to none.

  • Quality Finish

  • Can be Used in a Variety of Applications

  • Reduced Cracks for Longer Lasting Beauty

  • Can be Finished in a Variety of Finishes

SEE HOW FORTA® can keep your project looking great!

Easy to Use


FORTA’s macro synthetic fibers mix and distribute evenly, creating a user friendly concrete mix that is easy to place and finish, unlike traditional steel rebar or wire mesh.

  • Speed up Pour Time – No Rebar to Wrestle

  • Added Safety – No Wire Mesh to Walk Through

  • Reduced Cracking

  • Saves Time & Labor Costs

  • Field Support Services

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Customer Satisfaction

FORTA takes pride in it’s individualized customer service dedicated to creating a friendly environment for customers with questions, special order requests, trouble shooting issues, and dosage concerns.

  • We Are Here to Help You Every Step of the Way

  • Field Support Services

  • Complete Line of Products

  • Dosage Assistance

“The quality of FORTA-FERRO® and how it finishes is second to none.  I really think that’s the best fiber on the market. ”

Jason Adams, President, Sinclair Construction Group

“Forta-Ferro fibers exceed my expectations every time I use them.”

Anthony R. DeCarlo Jr, CPC, TWC Concrete Services, LLC

“With FORTA-FERRO, we add it directly to the mix, which eliminates having to cut bend and place wire mesh. Replacing the mesh has saved us on time and labor with our precast products.”

Wayne Richmond, Portage Septic Tank

“The FORTA-FERRO fiber works great. It saves us time and labor, and does everything our steel reinforcing did.”

Lanny Hakes, Hakes Concrete Septic Tanks

“We have seen an increase in toughness and durability since we began using FORTA-FERRO in our septic tanks.”

Roger Glenn, Glenn Redi-Mix
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